Complete Sales Scripts Course

Could You Be a Better Sales Person?

Right now, are you?

  • Finding it difficult to hit your monthly quota?

  • Struggling to get people on the phone?

  • Fumbling and bumbling through your opening pitch and voicemail messages?

  • Not sure where to start with writing, much less sending drip email and text messaging campaigns?

  • Prone to meandering through “good” conversations, but ending the call without a firm commitment or close?

  • Watching your sales pipeline seem to grow, but nothing actually turning into closed deals - they just float away?

  • Feel like you’re putting in endless hours and hard, genuine effort with no commissions to show for it?

I’ve been there, figured it out, and have since coached hundreds of sales directors and sales representatives into top producers.

There is a secret.

All top producers do two things incredibly well:

  1. They automate outreach - filtering sorting their leads database

  2. They use sales scripts - creating consistent, repeatable, predictable sales processes that they can validate and then they later use this to grow a team for scale.

In this course, I will introduce you to the first concept (future course in the works), and give you the step-by-step to #2 - the foundation of any great salesperson or team.

My Complete Guide to Sales Scripts is going to shock your team and have everyone asking you for the secret to quota-breaking.

What’s Inside

This course is laid out in the precise way that I teach sales reps to create, use, and optimize their sales scripts and supporting process.

It’s also worth noting that it’s also exactly how I run my own sales process. More about me later :-)

Here is what you will find inside the Complete Guide to Sale Scripts:

  • Module 1: Why Sales Scripts are Important

  • Module 2: Designing Sales Scripts

  • Module 3: Writing Sales Scripts

  • Module 4: Using Sales Scripts

  • Module 5: Optimizing Sales Scripts

  • Module 6: Training with Your Sales Scripts

  • Bonus Module: Cold Calling Basics

  • Bonus Module: Leaving Better Voicemails

  • Bonus Module: Improving Contact Rates

  • Bonus Module: How to Work Aged Leads

  • Resource: Software Tools

  • Resource: Books and Articles

Each section has one or more video lessons (currently over 13 videos) and ready-to-use sales scripts that you put into action on your very next call.

Plus, there is a Course Roadmap! That’s right this is a living and breathing course that I continue to build on (increasing in value and price), but you get all the future updates for FREE. You also, as a client will be the primary influencer of updates and future course direction.


The Complete Guide to Sales Scripts will help you get better at:

  • Creating a more cohesive sales strategy

  • Turning strategy into action - documenting your sales process so that you can consistently execute and achieve predictable sales numbers

  • Writing and using sales scripts for yourself and your team

  • Evaluating these scripts and optimizing them into money-making tools that will get you paid and help your team hit and exceed quota every month

  • Training yourself and your sales teams to be more effective at setting appointments and getting commitments on those calls

  • Cold calling, leaving voicemails, improving your contact rates, and ultimately getting more sales from your entire database

This course will give you a straight path to quota hitting and breaking. No more piecemealing sales tips and advice.

My Story

I’m an unapologetic sales guy.

For over 15 years, I have owned and run a highly successful, multi-million dollar lead generation agency (Kaleidico) that focuses on mortgage lenders and law firms.

I’m the head of sales.

I also regularly coach and consult our clients on optimizing their sales processes to improve the conversion rates and revenue from the leads that we generate for them.

In the past, I have run sales teams within mortgage companies, most notably Quicken Loans in the go-go days of the last refi boom. I have also owned and run my own mortgage company, leading our team of consumer-direct loan officers and call center.

In this course, you get all that experience boiled down to the best of learnings and avoid all mistakes I have made in getting to this sales system.

Are You Ready to Make 2022 Your Best Sales and Income Year Ever?

If your sales are stalled or you’re struggling to hit consistent and predictable numbers each month, then The Complete Guide to Sales Scripts is your answer.

If you want top producer results: Start re-building your sales process and scripts to become a better salesperson or team leader today by clicking the “I want this!” button.

Do you want it?

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Over 13 video lessons, each about 20 minutes. Plus, ready to use sales scripts and email sequences..

6 Video Lessons on Sales Scripts
Bonus: 4 Video Lessons on Cold Calling
Bonus: 1 Video Lesson on Voicemails
Bonus: 2 Video Lessons on Working Aged Leads
Ready to Use Phone, Email, and Text Scripts
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Complete Sales Scripts Course

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